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Low Maintenance Deck 7 from Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence


Hey folks who we are over here in Annapolis, Maryland, recently completed deck project. Notice the aluminum railing that we use with the white Azek posts, turned out really well. We added a lattice skirt to the project.

Underneath this deck we added a product called Dri-Dek. The customer wanted to use the underneath side of the deck as additional storage for the house. Turned out really well. We put a couple of double drive gates on here so you can get some tractors and bigger equipment underneath the deck. We also added a single access door. Once again we did a nice wide staircase coming up to the main level deck. Walk up here real quick, so bear with me.

The decking is gray, we used the white Azek posts with the white Azek cap, and then we used the Specrail aluminum railing — turned our really nice, awesome looking project. We did angle flooring, one piece solid decking angle flooring all the way across, so you don’t see any of the butt joints. Turned out really well. Customer’s extremely pleased.

We love doing projects like this. It’s something a little bit different. These railings are a unique, they can get kind of expensive. So if you have a budget that will allow for it, we can suggest something like this. Other than that, turned out really nice, customer’s pleased and we look forward to showing you our next video. Thank you.