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Low Maintenance Deck 6 from Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence


Hey folks, I’d like to welcome you to another project over in Anne Arundel County. This project is about 700 square feet. It’s a multilevel deck. The main level deck comes out of the existing sliding glass doors, steps down about two steps before we actually get onto the main level deck and then it steps down once again.

This is a great way to get away from having to use railings. And as we walk around here, I’ll kind of show you some things that we had done. Planter boxes are a great idea on corners of the deck. We actually added a bench in front of the area way to kind of hide and block the area way from view of the people that are enjoying the deck.

We did a picture frame all the way around this thing. When you hear our estimators talk about picture framing, that’s what we are talking about. Picture framing, you can either do it one board, and this case is two boards, you can do three. This particular flooring pattern here is what we call a zipper pattern. It looks nice, it gives a nice consistency, something different. You don’t see it every day.

We did a series of boxed steps coming out of both the sliding glass doors at the sunroom area in the house. And these, you can’t see it here, but we have rope lighting in it, which gives it a little bit of ambiance and just kind of dresses it up a little bit at nighttime.

The planter boxes are built out of the same material we did benches. These benches are actually… You can take this whole planter box system and pick it up and move it to where you’d like to put it, anywhere on the deck — we’ve developed a design that allows us to do that — and get rid of, if you notice, there’s no posts underneath that planter box. We’re actually using the planter boxes as the support posts for the bench.

Here’s the other view, looking at it from the sliding glass doors. Customer really loves it. This is Azek Redland Rose decking. And notice how we followed a zipper pattern all the way through, nice and straight, even. Turned out really nice. Love doing projects like this, something different. Anytime we can get away from standard railings and we can throw some extra goodies in here, like the planter boxes, which obviously the customer’s enjoying cause they’ve got plants in them.

Hope you enjoyed, come back. If you’ve got any questions, give us a call 1-800-833-9310\. Look forward to talking to you soon.