Low Maintenance Deck 4 from Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence


Hey folks, here we are over here in Millersville, Maryland. Wanted to show you a project we just completed. It is Fiberon Horizons groove on groove decking. We did the khaki railing with black decorator balusters. This deck actually has a barrel front to it that’s kind of hard to see from the video, which is kind of neat.

We actually used a matching cap drink rail on top with the pyramid post caps. We did about a 360 square foot paver patio with a stacked stone firepit, added a landing and set of steps off of the garage area. We changed the existing railing on the area where that goes to the basement to match all the railing on the deck and the landing and steps coming out of the patio. In a second here we’re walk up onto the deck and take a look and see what we did up there.

OK, here we are. Welcome back. We’re up on the deck. It’s about 345 square feet. Like I said, we use the Fiberon Horizons decking, and notice that there’s no visible screws. Everything. It’s a groove in groove system which a lot of people are liking nowadays because the fact that we can get away from all the screws and everything.

We did puck lights on all the posts. Lighting accents are very popular nowadays. And once again we did an extra wide staircase. This is about six feet wide so you can get two way traffic going up and down the steps. Here’s a view from standing up on the deck taken overlooking the patio and the stack stone fire pit, and the landing and stuff’s over there.

Hope you enjoyed. Come back and see us on our next video.