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Free Standing Pagoda Project in Maryland


Welcome back folks. Here we are in Pasadena, Maryland. I wanted to show you the deck and pagoda project that was completed probably about six, eight months ago. It’s all low maintenance decking, Azek decking, with the 14X14 pagoda. It is not screened, but there is a ceiling fan and everything inside is wrapped in white vinyl. It’s a double-two vinyl siding. Posts are 6X6 with white vinyl sleeves.

The interesting thing about this porch I wanted to show you is that we did a stone skirting in place of lattice skirting, which gives it a really, really nice look. It kind of matches the stone that’s on the front of the house. Once again, we did the vinyl railing system with the decorated balusters and matching cap. Notice how the cap is continuous over top of the railing posts. That’s just a little something different that we did on this project. Turned out really nice, customer’s extremely pleased.

The stone foundation wraps around the front, the customer has it decorated, furnished, very well. Awesome project. Here we come over here to the staircase, which again, we like to do the wide six foot wide staircases. Like I said earlier, it makes it for ease of traffic flow. Four foot wide staircases or anything less than that generally get all jammed up when you’re having parties or entertaining and stuff like that.

This particular project has, what a lot of people are doing now is a two tone picture frame. They’ll do the decking in one color and then they’ll do the picture frame in the other color, in another color. It looks really nice, it gives it a nice added touch. Really like this project. It’s an open pagoda, not screened, which a lot of people are doing nowadays. The grab rail that we’re using is a one and a half inch aluminum, vinyl coated extruded grab rail, pretty sturdy stuff.

Whenever you do projects like this, generally you’re going to have to add gussets in the corners. Reason for that is because you have no lateral support. You need to put something in there to keep it from racking and shaking and wobbling. Ceilings all finished the double-two white vinyl ceiling material. It turned out really nice. We used an extra thick beam here so we could make the span, so there was no center post on this porch, which is something you might want to think about. It does add a little bit money to the cost, but you can actually eliminate columns by making the beams bigger. Customer has it furnished really nice. Looks awesome project. Notice the step down out of the door.

Once again, thank you for your time and if you’d like to contact us about a project that you’d like to do for your property, give us a call. 1-800-833-9310.