Cedar Picket Fence – Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co.


Hey folks, here we are again. We’re over here down by the Bay Bridge, right outside of Annapolis. Little picket fence here, five foot tall with a Mount Vernon dip. We have pyramid point post caps on this fence. We did an eight foot double gate.

And here comes some little doggies. So there might be some racket, but we’re going to get some video. A couple of little pugs. That was the reason for the fence. They’re not making too much noise at this point in time.

But anyway, here’s a shot from the inside of the yard. Notice how the rails are on the inside of the fence all the way around, but everything is nice and even, uniform, straight. We added the gate in the back so the customer could get out with yard debris, etc.

But this fence is western Red Cedar with the pressure treated posts, pressure treated back rails. Seems to be one of our more popular style of fences. A lot of people are using western Red Cedar these days. Price comparative, it’s very price competitive with pressure treated pine. Tends to be a lot more stable than pressure treated pine, doesn’t warp and crack and twist and split.

I just wanted to show you the gate here real quick. This gate actually swings in so you don’t see the hinges on the outside. You could see the hinge right there, but there’s the latch. It’ll swing in. We put a little cane bolt on there. In a few seconds here, we’ll walk around the other side of the yard and take a peek and I’ll be right back.

Here we are welcome back. We added a single gate on this side. Just add some access so that you don’t have to walk around the whole entire property to get out of the fence. I recommend that everybody do that.

The Mount Vernon Picket is one of the fences that — even though this grade is extremely flat — but this Mount Vernon picket fence is great for people that have a lot of grade changes because you can actually cut the grade out of the fence with the dip on the top. Like I said, it’s one of our more popular styles.

Hope you enjoyed, come back. We’re going to do a lot more videos. See you next time.