Aluminum Fence by Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co.


Good afternoon folks. Here we are over here in Laurel, Maryland, over here by Arundel Mills mall, showing the aluminum bronze fence that we used to encompass the pool. Unfortunately it’s in the fall here. And we got a little bit of a breeze going here today and the pool’s been closed up. But turned out really nice and want to show you how nice and straight the fence line was installed. That’s one of the thing I look for when we do a fence job.

This is the perfect property. It’s flat, it’s wide open, there’s nothing in the way. Customer is really pleased with the fence. Turned out exceptionally well and it does what it’s supposed to do. Keep the kids out of the pool.

The color used here was bronze. I think I said that just a few seconds ago. But anyway, it’s a bronze fence, I would call this the outback style. And I just wanted you to take a peek.

Like I said, we’re pretty pleased with this. Customer is pleased as well. Come back, check out some more videos. Have a good day.