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The Best Fence Contractors in Reisterstown, Maryland

Are you looking for the best fence contractors in Reisterstown, Maryland? Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence is the right team of fence contractors for you! We have been creating and building beloved fences for the Reisterstown community since 1987, which means we have the knowledge and experience that you need to build the best and most durable fence for your dream backyard. Our team of fence contractors strives to create a beautiful yard for your home – always tailored to your vision and arranged within your budget!

The Best Fence Contractors in Reisterstown, Maryland

Our team of fence contractors is ready to help in Reisterstown, Maryland!

Choose Western Red Cedar Wood For Your New Fence!

One material that is commonly used to build a wood fence is western red cedar wood. It is a beautiful material to use that our fence contractors absolutely love! There are some more specific perks as well that make western red cedar wood the ideal material for your new wood fence:

  1. Western red cedar is a natural wood product, meaning it is not chemically treated with environmentally unfriendly chemicals to help it resist rot and termite infestation. Cedar has a natural resistance to those things.
  2. Western red cedar is dimensionally stable because it is not a sap wood. This sets it apart from pressure-treated pine material.
  3. Western red cedar is resistant to warping, cracking, checking, twisting and splitting, unlike pressure-treated pine.
  4. Western red cedar is also used for siding, shingles, and shakes on the exterior of finer homes because of its ability to resist rot and termite infestation and is also very dimensionally stable.
  5. Accepts a stain or paint very well because it has not been chemically treated.
  6. Western Red Cedar is a great choice for fencing, especially if you are considering planting a garden against your new fence. Because it is all-natural, and you don’t have to worry about the chemicals in pressure-treated pine leaching into the soil and then into your vegetables that you worked so hard to grow.

Where Can Fence Contractors Build a Fence on Your Property?

You might be wondering where exactly we can build a fence for your home and property. When our team of fence contractors builds your new fence, we must have the specifications for your home’s property line. Our policy is that fencing can be placed up to your property line, but not on it or over it. Our team usually stays about 6″ off of the property line just to make sure the fence has been installed within your property boundaries. This practice avoids future issues with neighbors and its value on the market.

Why Invest in a Fence for Your Reisterstown Home?

It is undeniable that a fence is a vital design element that brings everything in your home’s backyard together effortlessly. You can’t have a cohesive space without a fence to tie it all together.

Not only does building a new fence add monetary value to your home’s market value, but it also creates a more private, safe space for you and your family to enjoy all year! Fences create an amazing place to host parties, cookouts, and relaxing family dinners in your own backyard. If you have young children or pets, it is also a great way to keep them safe within your home’s backyard.

Our Team of Fence Contractors is Ready to Help in Reisterstown, Maryland!

We are a trusted resource for all deck and fencing needs in Reisterstown, Maryland community. Our fence contractors always prioritize excellent customer service and communication during the entire fence process with you. We always listen to your concerns, design ideas, and specifications to make sure you are as happy as we are with your new fence.

Don’t wait for your dream backyard… reach out via email or a phone call at 1-800-833-9310 to get started with our fence contractors!