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The Best Deck Contractors in Montgomery County

Montgomery County is the most populous county in the state of Maryland, which means there are tons of new homes being built and old homes being renovated and expanded to make room for new inhabitants every year! Part of Montgomery County’s allure is its close proximity to Washington DC, which makes it the ideal suburban haven for many DC workers to settle down and live. Montgomery County is also one of the most affluent counties in Maryland, and also ranked as one of the wealthiest counties in the country! 

It is important that you have a trusted deck contractor to help build the deck of your dreams and add flair to your beautiful home. Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence are a team of professional deck contractors that are familiar with the Montgomery County community. 

Why Wood Decking?

Wood decking is a timeless popular material choice for new decks in Montgomery County and all over the country. It is one of the most common styles because it looks great no matter what aesthetic or design you are aiming for with your deck. There are also numerous different kinds of woods to choose from! Do you want something light and natural? Or a darker, rustic wood? The choices are endless when you choose wood decking!

Opting for Composite Decking?

If wood decking is not for you, then low maintenance composite decking material is a great alternative option! Composite decking is a classic choice for many homeowners when designing their new decks. The best part? It is completely low maintenance! There is minimal upkeep for you, which will ensure that your deck looks seamlessly beautiful for years to come. 

The Perks of New Deck

If you are looking for a new project to add value to both your home and your life, then adding a new deck is the way to go! Decks are the perfect place to host a summer party or lounge on a beautiful day outside. They are also an easy way to add monetary value to your home. You may not want to sell now, but if you do in the future, you will be thankful that you invested in a quality-made deck!

How About a Combination?

If you don’t fancy a full deck of low maintenance decking, but also dread the extra maintenance of an all wood deck… then opt for a combination of the two! The most tedious part of the deck to maintain is the railing. With a combination of composite decking and wood decking, we can do wood flooring with a composite railing. This is the best of both worlds and keeps your life easy and your budget intact. 

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