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Great Fence Contractor for Good Neighborhoods in Baltimore County, Maryland

Considered part of the Baltimore – Washington, D.C. corridor, Baltimore County is everything anyone could hope for in great places to live. The area is rich with history and diversity, including a large city and many towns. Featured are communities with housing from virtually every area in the county’s history.  

Whether your neighborhood is historical or freshly minted we are the fence contractor for you!

Baltimore County, Maryland enjoys relatively mild winter so it is safe to say that outdoor spaces can be used for the better part of three seasons. We know that as a fact! Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence has been building decks, fences, pergolas, gazebos, pagodas, screen porches, and pool surrounds for more than 30 years.

Fence Contractors Learn Many Outdoor Trends in 30 Years

We have watched and learned as people live in their homes differently. Fences are incredibly important because they extend your living space to the outdoors. It is the fence that creates a sense of perimeter that connects the outdoor space. The fence sets up the frame for you to picture that outdoor room.

What is your structure?

The capture of outdoor spaces as additional al fresco room is well-served with the perfect structure for your lifestyle. Cooking outdoors is a favorite for entertaining and gathering. Decks are the perfect way to set up an outdoor dining room, leisure space for lounging or, for that matter, dance floor!

Keep it Covered in Baltimore County!

Our gallery is full of gorgeous pictures to help you dream a little. The images may help you to visualize a fence style, multi-level deck, or pergola. The sky is the limit. But we also deal with the sky! Pergolas are perfect for a break from the sun when you want to stay outside without frying! Gazebos, which have roofs, are available with, or without screens. Pagodas are shade destinations.  As expert fence contractors we can advise you on how to perfectly site destination structures in your yard. We know which fence is appropriate for the style and vintage of your Baltimore County home and what is trending. We offer various materials in many styles.

Keeping it Safe

Few joys are as great as the joy of knowing our families are safe. Pool fences protect everyone, and the choice is beautiful. Fence contractors help you secure your home and pool, advise on traffic patterns, gate style, scale, and swing. Unless you build fences every day, it might not always be on your mind. But we do build fences every day and can advise about what would work best in your locations. Many properties in Baltimore County are enhanced with the curves of the topography. While the solution may seem daunting, we know what to do.

Keeping it Simple by Calling Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence!

When we meet with you, we may ask you how much time you want to spend working on your property rather than playing on your property. If you would rather entertain that annually stain, we know just the material for you. Some people absolutely love to putter around the house to do maintenance projects and get misty over exotic wood. Oh, do we have a material for you! Some people are DIY like it is in their DNA. Well, we understand and we have a plan to help you, too!