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The Fast Growing, Historic Railroad Town of Odenton

The town of Odenton, nicknamed “The Town a Railroad Built” by Catherine L. O’Malley, was formed in 1868 when the Baltimore Potomac (B&P) Railroad was constructed. Small villages developed around these various railroad lines, but none became anything more than a cluster of shops and homes around a train station and post office. Odenton was the largest of these villages and quickly grew into a sizable town.

Today, Odenton, Maryland is a bustling and rapidly growing city that thousands of Marylanders call home. At Mid Atlantic Deck and Fencing, we know that your backyard is an extension of your home’s identity!


Decorate Your Home Inside and Out!

Just as you decorate and paint your living room, fencing and building your backyard is important too. Fences are built for practical reasons like protecting children or pets, but they also add a classic design element to your home as well. We believe that a fence can be the missing piece that ties together a home’s warm atmosphere.


We Value Your Vision

Finding the right fence company that truly values you, your home, and your vision can be a difficult quest. At Mid Atlantic Deck and Fencing, we prioritize top notch customer service and offer customizable fencing options to fit your needs!


We can build fences from the following materials:

Each material offers different design qualities and practical value, depending on your vision. If you’re unsure which style fits your budget and needs best, we can work with you to make the right choice!

Get in Touch with Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence to Create a Beautiful Backyard!

With over 35 years of experience, we are an expert company that can customize a design to fit your home! Contact us today, through email or a phone call, to see what services we can provide to you in Odenton.