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Does Your Fence Contractor Know How Silver Spring Sparkles?

Silver Spring Maryland was named for a mica-flecked spring. Established in 1840, Silver Spring has evolved consistently for three centuries and has enjoyed a renaissance in the last 30 years. Downtown Silver Spring is now home to many reputable employers and a thriving arts and entertainment area. It is a shining example of how home and work make a community. Homeowners can choose from a range of housing and an excellent school system. We understand why so many residents flock to Silver Spring and rarely leave. That is why we are a fence contractor who works directly with Silver Spring homeowners to make home work for them. Fences, decks, and outdoor structures enhance the value of your property and make your outdoors an extension of your home. Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence want to speak with you, 800-833-9310!

Enhance the Perimeter with a Beautiful Fence

In the Mid-Atlantic region, we benefit from nearly three mild seasons to indulge our need for outdoor spaces. Though the winters are mild here, we crave the most possible time outside. Life in the area can move at a clip that is not relaxing. A fence can frame your personal outdoor world. Your space, your green, your outdoor room. Our experts have served the area for decades through trends and changes in the neighborhood. We can talk about what homeowners with similar housing have selected if you desire to cohesion. We can use the same information to help you choose something unique and out-of-the box.

Are You Dripping with Ideas for Your Outdoor Room?

If your entire concept for your outdoor space is built around a hot tub or a spa, we are the fence contractor for you. Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence has been working with customers for decades to provide the perfect location for a hot tub or spa. A week of traffic alone is reason enough to consider the benefits of adding a therapeutic water feature in your outdoor room.

Want Mowing Off Your Plate?

Are you interested in Xeriscaping your outdoor space? Xeriscaping is a term used to create low water use environment. One route to xeriscaping is to increase outdoor structures, hence reducing the grassy area that requires water and maintenance. More deck means less grass. Large pergolas create a destination perfect for alternative low maintenance ground cover.

Gathering is Respite

Nothing builds “cozy” into an area like great seating. Built-in benches on a deck accommodate guests, groups, and gatherings without compromising flow. Traffic patterns are essential, including exiting from the house, entering from the stairs, and where the gate and the barbeque will go. Our experts can help you plan for your style of living and entertaining. And, for your style of house.

Shady Plans

If you love the sun on your deck and only occasional want a break from the sun, let your estimator know that, too! There are many occasional shade choices, like sun sails. We can plan for the structural element to hang them.


Do you wonder how other customers are enjoying their outdoor elements?

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