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Burtonsville Homeowners Deserve a Fence Contractor Who Listens!

Settled since colonial times, Burtonsville, Maryland is a place that emerged around important original roads and routes. Locates south of Baltimore and north of D.C. Originally referred to as the Patuxent Hundred due to an early settlement of 100 inhabitants, Burtonsville has become home to thousands of families who still enjoying a small-town feel and proximity to two large metropolitan areas. Homeowners enjoy a range of housing styles and need a fence contractor who can serve all of them. Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence has served Burtonsville, Maryland customers for decades. Call us about your fence, deck, screen porch, pergola, gazebo, or pagoda, 800-833-9310!

Fences Frame Your Outdoor Dream Destination

Some properties are crying out for vertical design elements. Fences are strong, vertical structures that serve so much more than the aesthetics of your property. But, as an exterior design element, when a breathtaking fence is the visual element you need, nothing else really fits the bill. We offer a various fencing material including wood, aluminum, steel, and vinyl. The configuration possibilities are nearly limitless. There are many factors that determine the best material for your fence. Siting, proximity to trees and other structures, access points, foot traffic flow, are just a few on the considerations we will discuss with you when consulting about your new fence. See Mid-Atlantic’s website for an image gallery. Many examples of the possibilities often make it easier to identify the fence or components of a design that are your aspiration.

Mow Down the Honey Do List AND Protect the Planet

Are you tired of mowing the grass. We understand. More deck means less grass. We make decks in low maintenance materials do even deck maintenance is reduced to little more than a hose. While many decks are attached to homes they don’t have to be.

Getting a break from the sun becomes more important throughout the season. So does less grounds maintenance. A covered or shade structure like a pergola, gazebo, or pagoda creates shades and reduces the amount of grassy area in your yard. Multifunctional structures like these move your location to xeriscaping by reducing the need for watering, treating, and mowing of grass.

Relaxing is a People Process

People time is at a premium. Gathering with our favorite humans has become aspirational. When you have had your digital fill, and just need the comfort and pleasure of gathering on your deck with your humans of choice be sure all the elements are in place. We can build the seating into the deck planning. Wouldn’t it be great if all you had to think about was the color of cushions and what to grill? Our storage benches mean you don’t have to figure out where to put the cushions. Lighting and sound and a comprehensive part of the deck planning, design, and execution mean all you do is step outside.

Call us to discuss how we create a relaxation habitat on your deck, 800-833-9310.

We are honored when customers take time out of their busy lives… or important outdoor enjoyment schedules, to give us feedback. Here’s what they say!