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A Fence Contractor who Knows that Privacy is Premium in Montgomery County

Montgomery County, Maryland is located just north of Washington, D. C. Some consider it a suburb of D.C. There are many points of interest in Montgomery County including Great Fall, Billy Goat Trail, and Brookside Gardens. As one on the most populated counties in the United States, and growing, it is easy to understand the value that homeowners put on creating privacy in their outdoor spaces, and green, aspirational outdoor rooms. When population volume, traffic, and proximity are facts of life decks, fences, pergolas, and screen porches are a must have. Moments of family life in your family home are priceless. Homeowners in Montgomery County want fence contractors they can trust.

Structure, Beauty, and Security is the Element Called Fence!

Sometimes the best way to enjoy your aspirational outdoor room is by securing the perimeter. Little feet tend to travel. Toddlers move with amazing speed.  Pets will chase a leaf, a butterfly, or a car. It is all fun to them. A beautiful fence creates a gorgeous, shall we call it containment field, to keep our well-loved living beings in a safe place. Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence provide fences configured to your specific needs. This is not an out-of-the-box fence solution. We look at your property, listen to your needs and goals. Our recommendations are based on your ultimate vision and use pattern. Our selections include a range of material for you to choose from. The material, maintenance, and home style are factors we discuss with homeowners to provide you with the outdoor structure that creates a destination for you and yours.

How Do You Get Decked Out in Montgomery County?

Gone are the days when decks were generic and just hung off the side of houses like an afterthought. We design decks for function and form. You have a choice of materials, level, stairs or multiple sets of stairs with landings.  We add shade screening, pergolas, trellis, benches and storage benches. If planter boxes and deck scaping are a priority we customize to your design and lifestyle. Homeowners enjoy lighting and sound elements incorporated into the overall design and function of their deck.

We Even Your Playing Field with a Multi Level Deck

After decades of working in the area, we are very familiar with sloped and uneven properties. We know exactly how to build your deck to make the irregularities in the land look like amazing features of your property, enhanced by beautiful, functional outdoor structural elements like a multi level deck. If your outdoor deck is the basis of your outdoor room you may want to add seating like benches. If you upscale your benches with cushions, we can create storage benches. Many deck lovers enjoy the openness of decks, rather than porches. However, proximity may require trellis or privacy from the deck. We can create a design that makes it cohesive and intentional. What would outdoor entertaining be without sound and lighting? We make play, work!

Customers all over the region can attest to the value, function, and pure joy of their outdoor structures. Let’s talk about yours today, 800-833-9310!