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Screen Porch Styles and Screening Options

Screen Porch Styles and Screening Options

What kind of screen porch might suit your house? Mid-Atlantic offers a great selection.

A screen porch gives any home a unique space where one can relax, dine, or entertain. As it lets in much more sunlight than any other room in the house, it is a bright and cheery place, and a homeowner can be closer to nature without dealing with bugs or inclement weather. However, there are many styles and options to consider. 

Screen Porch Styles

Depending on your home’s design and your property, one style may work better than another. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence’s gallery shows what possibilities abound. Here are the general types.

Shed Style

A shed style refers to an attached screen porch with the roof slanting down and away from the house. This version can be quite spacious, enough to host a dining set and a lounge set. It can sit at the ground level or on par with the deck.

Gable Style

The gable style can also be ground or deck level, but has a center beam in the roof instead. With two slanting sides of the roof, it is popular to add a skylight on each side. As with the shed style, the options for screening are flexible.


One way to screen in the screen porch is to make it blend in with the house. Some models have the same siding as the rest of the house and have matching windows rather than typical screening. The roof may have at least one skylight.


If you have the square footage, you may choose to have a stand-alone screen porch. It makes an excellent conservatory or getaway from the house to relax, entertain guests, or work on a hobby.

Screen Porch Screens

Screen porches have different options for screening. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence offers these in particular.

PGT Windows

PGT Eze-Breeze windows are light and versatile. They can be custom-made so you need not spend on reframing. Open them and you get the fresh breeze without the bugs and debris; close them and you’re protected from the elements. They come with a durable aluminum framing.

One of their pros is the use of vinyl glazing instead of glass. This glaze makes the windows more durable, lighter weight, and more affordable. If the glaze is distorted, it will fall back into its original shape in no time. Also, PGT Eze-Breeze windows have versatile vertical four-track panels, making them easy to use and adjust as one wishes. 

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