How to Keep a Screened Porch Cool in Summer

How to Keep a Screened Porch Cool in Summer

Keep cool in your screened porch with these tips!

A screened porch is an excellent investment to make in your home, provided you have the optimal space and location to add one to your house. In some cases, homeowners create a screened porch over their deck or patio. One issue that people may have with a screened porch, however, is how to keep cool in the summer. Below are several ways to remediate this problem.


Insulation is the key to keeping cool air within the porch. The type of roofing materials can help reduce the heat entering the room, such as light-colored asphalt shingles or even metal roofing. As for the windows, Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence offers solutions that keep the space enclosed but also allow breezes to come through without the bugs when opened. They carry PGT Eze-Breeze windows.

Ceiling Fan

One of the most typical features that homeowners include in their porch is at least one ceiling fan. This is a low-cost way to generate cool airflow during the summer without having to take up energy from the home’s HVAC system. 

Air Conditioning

Even so, air conditioning is possible for an enclosed porch. One can have a portable air conditioner for the room, or install a mini-split ductless AC. These machines are designed to service the one room only when people are using it. With the proper insulation, either of these measures can work well for the closed-in porch.

Blinds or Curtains

The purpose of a screened-in porch is to have a designated indoor space in which one can still enjoy loads of sunlight and a refreshing breeze without the insects, heat, or humidity. However, one way to preserve the cool interior air is to implement blinds or curtains. Blocking out sunlight will reduce the heat in a room.

Shade Trees

Trees on the property can make a huge difference in a home’s energy bills because of the shade they provide. If heat is a problem with your screened porch in summer, planting a shade tree can help. 

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