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Different Types of Pergolas

Different Types of Pergolas

Create a unique summer retreat in your backyard or business with a pergola!

A pergola is an outdoor structure with columns and a roof consisting of beams and rafters. The top is slatted to optimize sunshine and shade throughout the day. It can be wood, vinyl, or metal, although Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence provides vinyl ones for the durability and low maintenance needs of the material. Did you know there are at least seven different types of pergolas? Check out all these options below!


A freestanding pergola often sits on a patio or deck. As the name implies, it does not attach to a building and has four columns. With a freestanding pergola, you can have shade and sunshine in a focal point living space in your own backyard. It can also be an excellent gathering spot on a commercial property.


An attached pergola has two columns and attaches to a building, such as a house. This type requires a ledger board, which sits between the connection point between the house and the pergola. An attached or detached pergola can occupy an entire deck or patio or just one side of it.


The typical pergola has a flat roof, with flat beams and flat rafters overtop. However, if you visit Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence’s showroom in Gambrills, MD, you can see versions with an arched roof. One can find different roof styles that can add an element of uniqueness to your backyard.


Arched or not, you can cover your pergola in different ways to create additional shade or protect yourself from the rain. Clear plastic panels and colored slats are a couple of options. You could also grow climbing plants or hang potted plants from the pergola. It is a fantastic way to grow wisteria, honeysuckle, or roses.


Louvers are movable rafters that can open or close, similar to your window’s vinyl blinds. A louvered pergola allows even more control over how much shade or sunshine you get over the course of a day.


Some pergolas have fabric coverings that one can pull up or across them. Retractable pergola canopies come in various colors and patterns and can work with flat, arched, or any other type of pergola.


Lastly, if you only want to cover a shallow space off of your home or building, a pergola awning could be the right fit. An awning style only extends out so far that it does not need columns to support it. 

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