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All About Garden Arbors

All About Garden Arbors

A garden arbor is a feature oft overlooked. What can it offer your home?

Garden arbors are one structural element of a garden that often does not get enough attention. Fences provide security, privacy, and a safe border, and decks provide platforms to enjoy the outdoors in peace and comfort. Outdoor structures like pergolas, gazebos, and screened-in porches add shade. What is a garden arbor, and what can it offer your home? All about garden arbors, below!

What Is an Arbor?

An arbor is an arched trellis. It is an arch that can be made of metal, wood, or vinyl. One might see different designs on an arbor, such as twining leaves and scrolls or simple lines. Some trellises have benches on either side of the interior.

Creating Borders

The most practical purpose of garden arbors is to create a defined entrance to another outdoor space. One might see an arbor connected to a fence, overarching a fence gate, or standing alone. Alone, it could designate the entrance to a backyard, a side yard, or a patio area.

In Limited Space

Arbors are also practical for limited spaces. If you do not have room for a fence, you won’t have room for your fence gate. An arbor can be a simple and effective solution to designate order and space where gates are not practical.

Perfect for Vines

If you want to add more plants to your garden, an arbor gives you a perfect opportunity to do so. One can train any type of climbing plant or vine on an arbor, granted that your spot has the right soil, sun, and moisture conditions. One can grow anything from roses to trumpet vine to grapes.

Adds Property Value

An arbor can add significant beauty to a property. It often signifies elegance and is considered a luxurious feature in any yard. When people view your property with this improvement, people have a favorable impression of the property’s condition. An arbor can raise your property value, because it makes your property that much more inviting!

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