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How to Maintain Your Gazebo

How to Maintain Your Gazebo

Keep your gazebo looking great year-round with these practices.

When perfectly situated, a gazebo can be a wonderful place to sit, entertain, and dine. At the Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence showroom in Gambrills, Maryland, one can select from an array of outdoor structures including fences, decks, screened porches, and vinyl pergolas. They can install a beautiful gazebo on your property, in the garden or on your deck. To keep it functional and looking great in the long-term, here’s a few tips on how to maintain your gazebo.


Vinyl is a high-density plastic that provides a sturdy, low-maintenance build for gazebos, fences, pergolas, and more. Standard care for outdoor vinyl structures includes scrubbing it with mild soap and hosing it down. To clean the roof, brush off debris with a broom, and never climb onto it or use a pressure washer, which can destroy the shingles.


Wood has no replacement as a natural material and is a more affordable option. One should be aware, though, that routine sealing and cleaning will be a part of the maintenance. All wood fences need sealing, even ones made from cedar, which has a natural, rot and insect-resistant oil. Sealant can be clear, translucent, or come in a solid stain. One should apply it every few years. Mild soap and a garden hose can work well for cleaning.

Routine Care

Regardless of material, you can maintain your gazebo through several practices. First, make sure that the structure is well-ventilated and clear of foliage brushing against it. Prune back or remove tree branches, shrubs, and other plants. Doing this will increase airflow and prevent damaging mold growth. 

After heavy rains and strong winds, check over your gazebo for cracks, splits, and any other kind of damage. It is best to catch these imperfections early before they become a more serious problem. Without keeping an eye on it once or twice a year, the roof or floor could become hazardous. 

As gazebos sit outdoors, they can be vulnerable to natural elements of all sorts, including birds’, insects’, and wasps’ nests. Make sure no bird or wasp is present when you remove the nest and prevent critters from forming a new one in the future.

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