Enjoy Your Gazebo in Cold Weather

Enjoy Your Gazebo in Cold Weather

Need a way to keep warm in your gazebo this fall? Check out these ideas!

Cold weather is upon us in Maryland, and even as fall creeps in, winter is not too far behind. You might think that your outdoor living spaces will become dormant, just like the trees in winter, but they do not have to. You can still enjoy your outdoor entertainment areas and sanctuary spaces when it is cold outside. Here’s how you can enjoy your gazebo in cold weather.

Hot Tub

It is not uncommon to see a hot tub under someone’s pagoda, pergola, or gazebo. If you can put a hot tub under your gazebo, you have one way to stay warm in the winter. One cannot soak in the hot tub for too long in cold weather because of the risk of temperature shock, but it is nevertheless soothing, therapeutic, and luxurious.

Firepit or Chimera

You might not want to put a firepit directly below a covered roof, as the smoke will need a place to go as it rises. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a firepit close enough to the gazebo to obtain warmth and avoid a fire hazard. A chimera, a portable fireplace with a chimney, is another option.

Outdoor Heater

If you prefer to use a heat source other than fire, you could also use an outdoor heater using electricity, propane, or another fuel source. Patio heaters are designed specifically for outdoor spaces and come in floor or tabletop models; other outdoor heaters for camping work well also.


A clear vinyl screen will not warm your gazebo in cold weather, but it will help trap heat. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence offers screening options for gazebos to help you keep the bugs out in summer and the elements out in every season. 

Blankets & Pillows

Any amount of blankets and pillows will help to make your gazebo feel more like home. Instead of warming up the air beneath the gazebo, you can keep yourself warm with cozy furnishings of your choice.


Any way to bring warmth directly to you will help you enjoy your gazebo in cold weather. Fall and winter are perfect times to enjoy hot drinks outdoors in the comfort of a cozy gazebo; imbibe hot cider, wassail, and hot chocolate in style in your outdoor living space.

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