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What Are the Benefits of Steel Fencing?

What Are the Benefits of Steel Fencing?

Steel fencing is a strong alternative to both iron and aluminum fencing.

If you hear the phrase “steel fencing” and imagine harsh tall bars of silver fencing, you’d be mistaken. The installation of steel fencing, as well as that of aluminum fencing, is a stately way to protect and outline one’s property in style. With the look of hand-wrought iron, a steel fence has multiple benefits that might be just right for your home.

1. Cost

The cost of steel fencing, especially solid steel as opposed to hollow steel, will be on the higher end. However, the higher the upfront cost is, the lower the maintenance cost over time. Steel does not rot, warp, or splinter like wood. Steel naturally rusts over time like iron does, but steel fencing manufacturers galvanize the steel (coat it with a layer of zinc) to keep the fence rust-free for a lifetime. Therefore, the required maintenance cost for steel fencing is minimal to none.

2. Durability

In addition to galvanized steel’s rust-free quality, steel is also incredibly strong, even stronger than aluminum. A steel fence is highly difficult to cut into and is fire-resistant. It would be very difficult for a burglar to cut through the steel bars. Steel’s strength will help sustain it through all kinds of weather, keep out any unwanted guests whether man or beast, and prevent pets and over-adventurous children from escaping.

3. Appearance

Steel fencing also has a striking appearance. Harkening back to the Victorian times when ironwork was at its peak, or colonial times when iron gates were reserved for the very rich, steel fencing carries both iron’s strength and beauty. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence can design a steel fence with the aesthetics of your choice in a range of appealing colors. 

Comparison to Iron and Aluminum

In summary, steel is a residential fencing material with much merit. Better than iron, it needs no repainting or further protection from rust. Better than aluminum, iron’s other alternative metal, steel is superior in strength. Perhaps equal to both iron and aluminum, it comes in beautiful, age-old or modern designs. 

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