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Unique Residential Fence Ideas

Unique Residential Fence Ideas

Make your home stand out with these unique fence ideas!

A residential fence can be more than just a fence. The fundamentals of a fence include how much privacy it gives your backyard, how much maintenance it needs, and which color and style match your house. With all these details that make a fence a stunning feature for your home security and curb appeal, you can go even further. Below are several unique residential fence ideas you might consider for your own!

Two Tones

If you install a vinyl or composite fence, it might be possible to have it in two tones, one color on the top, and another on the bottom. A two-toned fence provides an unexpected color into the property that can totally set the mood of the whole space. For example, one could choose a neutral color for the top and a richer color like green, blue, or red for the bottom.


One could also use paint on the fence in various ways. Depending on your community’s rules, you can paint the fence any color you want. You could even paint it multiple colors! One could paint a mural on the sides facing your backyard, or stencil patterns for an elegant look.


Some people might cut out shapes in their fences, small ones, of course. One could cut out shapes near the top of the fence or in the gate. These shapes could be the theme of your backyard’s decoration, such as the beach, flowers, or jungle animals.

Decoration Wall

Others still decorate their fence by hanging different items on it. One might hang a string of lights, small container gardens, wreaths, and wall sculptures. A highly unique residential fence might have mirrors, clocks, and other items attached to it.

Garden Wall

Another option is to create a garden wall, using the fence to support trellises or container gardens. One should keep in mind that a wooden fence covered in plants will be quicker to deteriorate than not.

Whatever You See in a Magazine

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a unique residential fence. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence can build a beautiful new fence for you; if you see a design in a magazine, we can build it!

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