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Types of Fence Gates

Types of Fence Gates

When it comes to fence gates, there are plenty of options to make it your own.

When looking for the perfect border for the property, homeowners tend to focus on the fence. Still, how are they going to get into their backyard? A gate is an essential feature that goes with the decision-making process for a new fence. With a fence gate, one can choose from numerous options, and even think outside of the box concerning materials and functionality. Below is a list of the different types of fence gates one can have.

Standard Gate

A standard gate more or less blends in with the rest of your fence. It is a simple and apt option to close off your backyard. The gate will be the same height and style as the fence. This is the most common type of fence gate.

Ornamental Gate

An ornamental gate, as its name implies, adds a flair to your fence. It is your opportunity to change up material, style, and color. For example, you may have a wood privacy fence, but you make the entrance inviting by placing an aluminum gate between two brick columns. On the other hand, the detail can be as subtle as an arched gate along a straight fence. 

Security Gate

A security gate can overlap with the ornamental and specialty gate categories, but are typically built with a security fence for different purposes and with different features. Types of security fences include pet fences and pool fences. It may also just serve to protect against intruders. Security gates can have special features like automation or access control.

Specialty Gate

Automated or access control gates count as specialty gates. This category highlights the way one can open it. Cantilever gates slide up and are useful when there’s no room for one to swing open. Rolling gates are another solution to a lack of space, sliding on a track at the bottom. One can also have a hidden gate, which blends in with the fence.

Double Gate

If you need a gate for your driveway, you will want a double gate. This kind is best made from aluminum and can be manual or automated. Meanwhile, if you have a lot of foot traffic between your front and backyards, you may also want a double gate suited to your fence and property to maintain traffic flow. 

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