Top Types of Picket Fence Tops

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Pick the prime picket fence for your property; consider these picket top styles!

Picket fences come in more than one style; although this fence is a classic, you can find many variations. You can choose a picket fence with different fence panel designs, such as straight, arched, and swooped. Each picket can also be unique. The details make a difference; below are the top types of picket fence tops and how you can choose the best for your new fence.

Types of Picket Fence Tops

Dog Ear Picket Fence Top

The dog ear picket fence top has a flat top with two angled cuts on either side. This is a popular style with enough visual interest to add curb appeal.

Gothic Picket Fence Top

The gothic picket fence top style is reminiscent of the gothic window: its top curves into a point. This elegant style was popular with Victorian homes. A similar style is the French gothic picket top, which has notched sides to simulate a fleur de lis. 

Pointed/Colonial Picket Fence Top

The pointed and colonial styles have a sharp pointed top and straight angled edges on either side. The only difference between these two styles is that the side corners of the colonial style are rounded. The pointed type has sharp corners and edges all the way around it.

Flat Picket Fence Top

The flat picket fence top has a horizontal, flat top. If you are looking for the simplest solution, the squared top is yours. This style can get more intricate when paired with arched or swooped fence panels.

Round Picket Fence Top

Are you against sharp edges or prefer round shapes? The round picket fence top could be the fence top style for you! 

Ornamental Picket Fence Top

There are many other variations of the picket fence top. You can find ornamental styles of all kinds, and some fence companies might have their own names for specific designs. If you are interested in building a picket fence, see what Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence in Gambrills, MD, has to offer!

Which Picket Fence Top Is for You?

Look at your home’s architectural style and what lines or shapes it features most. You can test different styles to see what might suit your home best. Once again, Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence is happy to help!

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