New Fence Installation in Annapolis by MAD Fence

See one of Mid-Atlantic’s newest fence installations in Annapolis, MD!

Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence has completed yet another brand new fence installation in central Maryland, this time in beautiful Annapolis, MD! This unique fence mixes two very different yet exceptional fence materials, aluminum and cedar, to create a secure border that also has great curb appeal. See the images below of this fantastic fence installation in Annapolis! If you are interested in installing a fence in Annapolis, MD, contact Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence!

New Fence Installation in Annapolis, MD

This fence installation combines ornamental aluminum with classic cedar. The ornamental aluminum fence and gate are in the Bay Breeze style in black with a flat top all around. The cedar part of the fence is a dog ear picket style, providing adequate security and privacy. 

Why Aluminum? Why Cedar?

Aluminum is the new wrought iron. It has exceptional durability like wrought iron fences do without the rust, and is one of the toughest fence materials on the market, besides steel. If you are looking for a fence that provides a higher security level, then aluminum could be for you.

Along with its robust strength is its flexibility to mold to any style you choose, hence the name ornamental aluminum!

As for cedar, it is hard to find a more naturally-resilient yet cost-effective wood for fences. Cedar has a natural oil that repels termites and smells wonderful. Compared to composite, vinyl, aluminum, and steel fences, cedar is an affordable and attractive choice.

Maintenance for cedar fences includes periodically cleaning, staining, and repairing parts as necessary. 

Mixing Fence Materials & Styles

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to have one fence style and material for your backyard fence. You can mix fence materials and styles according to your property’s unique border needs. You might want to enhance security on some sides, such as with the property above; mixing fence materials could also be a great way to save money!

As for mixing styles, you can do so according to your privacy needs. One side might require privacy, while another side might benefit from visibility. This Annapolis fence keeps the style relatively uniform, with flat top fencing all around and evenly-spaced fence pickets and rails. The dog ear picket top adds interest and softens the look.

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