Decorate a Fence for Christmas Cheer!

Decorate a Fence for Christmas Cheer!

Make your fence even more beautiful with these festive decor ideas!

The winter has come, and with it comes the holiday season! It’s a time when many neighborhoods light up with festive decorations, and with the time spent at home throughout 2020 and 2021, it always does the heart good to make the most of one’s surroundings. It is always fun to decorate a fence for Christmas, no matter what year it is. Below are some popular ideas and practical applications to consider.

Fence Decoration Ideas


One of the simplest ways to decorate a fence for Christmas is to use ribbons. One can purchase pre-made Christmas ribbon bows or buy wired ribbon and create and hang the bows yourself. There are countless options, such as classic red, red and green, or blue and white. It is a simple, inexpensive option that doesn’t require using electricity.

String Lights

On the other hand, using string lights can truly cheer up a property on a cold winter’s night. One can combine multiple strands of colored or white lights or use icicle lights, snowflake lights, or garlands with lights. It can help to measure the fence first to get the length you need.


Evergreens like wreaths, garlands, and swags are also great additions to your fence. Your fence decoration can be as simple as a single wreath on the fence gate or as ornate as swathes of garlands lining the entire perimeter. Greenery can be paired with ribbons, pinecones, baubles, lights, fruits, etc.

Practical Application Tips

While it might be easy enough to gather beautiful decorations for the fence, actually knowing how to decorate a fence for Christmas can be another matter. Thankfully, it is just as easy. One can use several methods or a combination. The common tools for installing fence decorations include adhesive hooks, nylon or craft wire, and ribbons. One can either hang or tie decorations to the fence, especially at the fence posts. 

Ready for a New Fence?

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