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Benefits of Semi-Private Fencing

Benefits of Semi-Private Fencing

If you want privacy but still keep some visibility, a semi-privacy fence is probably for you!

You might have heard of a picket fence, and you might have heard of a privacy fence, but have you heard of a semi-private fence? Semi-private fencing is more common than one might think; in fact, it is practically synonymous with the picket or lattice fence. It can come in various materials, including wood, vinyl, and composite. What can one gain from installing semi-private fencing? See the benefits below!

Balance Between Neighbors & Security

Suppose you have neighbors with whom you like to socialize. You don’t want to necessarily block off your view to them with a privacy fence. A semi-privacy fence could do the trick, giving both sides a little added privacy and more security while maintaining friendly turf.

Safety at the Swimming Pool

If you have a swimming pool, you will need to install a pool fence. A pool fence is required by law in Maryland and can either surround the pool itself or the backyard as a whole. This should be a sturdy fence that no one can climb. A semi-privacy fence is one option. It also helps people supervise the area so that in case someone or something falls into the pool, someone will have a chance of seeing it and coming to the rescue.

Complement a Privacy Fence

Another idea is to use it to close off at least one side of your property. After all, your fencing doesn’t have to be the same all the way around. If you want to maintain visibility to one side of the property, you could complement your privacy fence with a semi-privacy fence.

Views to the Street

Similarly, consider how a privacy fence would affect your street and yard. Would the privacy fence make your backyard feel too enclosed, or your backyard seem like an unfriendly fortress? Perhaps you or your pets would like to be able to see beyond the yard into the street. Once again, a semi-privacy fence could be the answer.

Blocking Wind & Sun

Semi-private fencing can also act as a sort of trellis or pergola against the wind and sun. The partial wind and sun blockage can mitigate strong gusts and burning heat that comes onto your garden bed, deck, patio, or lawn. 

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