Will Fall Decorations Damage a Deck?

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Aside from the obvious fire pit and grill fire, would fall decorations damage a deck?

Fall decorations are in full swing in mid-October. Time flies by! However, damage to your wood deck can also creep up on you before you know it. General deck maintenance will keep your deck in good shape, but some items could potentially harm your deck. Aside from the obvious fire pit and grill fire, would fall decorations damage a deck? It is possible, but only under certain circumstances.

Will Pumpkins, Pinecones, and Leaves Damage a Deck?

In most cases, fall decorations will not damage your wood deck. Wood decks are sturdy and can take on general wear and tear. On the other hand, organic objects can leave stains and encourage mold and mildew growth on your deck. Real pumpkins, pinecones, and garlands or wreaths will eventually break down and could leave a moldy spot on your deck. It is best to remove them well before they disintegrate, so you don’t have to use elbow grease to kill mold.

In general, you also want to avoid using real fall leaves to decorate your deck, as they will leave acidic tannin stains on the wood after it rains. This can happen with any fall leaves that land on your wood deck, which is why it is best to sweep or blow them off when you can.

How to Protect Your Wood Deck

If you are using natural materials to beautify your deck this fall, you can prevent unsightly stains, mold, and mildew by cleaning and sealing the deck beforehand. Sweeping and hosing the deck down with water is generally sufficient; use a pressure washer with care, as it could damage the deck if the pressure is too high. Sand the deck’s surface as needed. 

The next step is to seal the deck, which you can do once every few years. This coating will protect it against insects, mold, mildew, moisture, and sunlight, if you use a solid stain. Even with sealcoating, you can still keep your wood deck in its best condition if you limit its contact with organic materials.

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