Protect Your Deck from Sun Damage

Protect Your Deck from Sun Damage

Protect your wood deck from the hot sun with these tips!

Wood decks are beautiful and affordable, but they can break down within a few years if not maintained. Maintenance is easier than you think; it only requires a few simple steps to give long-term and short-term longevity to your wooden outdoor living space. One of the greatest harms to wood decks is the annual toll that the sun takes on them. These simple ways to protect your deck from sun damage can make a difference.

Stain with a Light Color

The beauty of a dark-stained wood deck is undeniable. If you prefer a lighter-colored deck, however, you can benefit from some sun damage protection for your deck. The lighter the deck color is, the more light it reflects. Therefore, the sunlight will not penetrate the wood or damage it as much. 

Paint the Deck

A solid paint color over the wood will also protect it from sun damage. A solid layer blocking it from the sun’s rays is one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep the sunlight from touching it at all. However, you will need to repaint the deck every few years. 

Seal the Deck

A highly recommended way to protect your deck from sun damage is to seal it. Stains and sealants go hand-in-hand, and oftentimes, a deck stain will contain some form of sealant in it. The sealant can be transparent or pigmented at varying levels. All in all, it protects the deck from excess water and can help prevent sun damage.

Add a Shade Structure

While your deck needs protection from the sun, so do you! It can be a relief to have some kind of shade on your deck, especially if you do not have trees overhead. If you need shade to help protect yourself and your deck, you have many options. If you are looking for temporary shade, an outdoor umbrella or a retractable awning will do. If you want something more permanent, a pergola, a shade sail, or a pavilion.

Clean the Deck Gently

A power washer is a great way to clean composite or vinyl, but it might be a touch harsh for wood. Clean your wood deck gently with an appropriate brush to remove stains. If necessary, sand and stain and seal the deck to repair imperfections.

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