Wood Fence Vs. Vinyl Fence : The Best Value

Do you need a fence but you’re not sure whether a vinyl fence or wood fence would be the best fit for your property? You’re not alone.

Home improvement projects require you to do your homework before making a final decision. Both vinyl fencing and wood fencing can last at least 10 years. You should really find your fence appealing.

Most homeowners when deciding between the two fences ask this question: Are vinyl fences better than wood fences?

Here are a few tips on deciding which fence is best for your property:

Decide What Gives The Best Price For The Value You Desire

When considering a vinyl or wood fence, you should know that a wood fence is cheaper upfront. A vinyl fence cost more upfront but they can last 15 years or more without repairs or repainting.

Looks Matter

Nothing can truly beat the natural beauty of wood. Wood has a distinctive, rustic charm. Wood fencing can be custom made and offers plentiful options in texture and design.

Maintenance and Durability Are Essential

Vinyl fences have an edge over wood fences when it comes to maintenance and durability. Technically, vinyl fences can last up to 50 years without maintenance work. All it needs is a good hosing down to remove dust and loose dirt occasionally to keep it in top shape. It will never rot or crack on you because of weather elements or termites.

With wood fencing, you must seal, stain and paint it regularly to keep it in the best condition. Cedar and Redwood are the best materials to use for a wood fence. In the long haul, the average wood fence can last up to 20 years with proper care.

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