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Top Deck Design Trends for 2015

Curved deck design

Curved deck designs incorporate sweeping curves and rounded deck areas, creating zen-like entertaining spaces with a modern twist.

A new deck can add much needed outdoor living space to a smaller home, or attract home buyers looking for an updated, trendy residence. 2015 may be almost over, but it’s never too late to turn your house into your dream home. Take a moment and read about these top deck design trends to get ideas for your next project!

Composite Materials

Composite material decks continue to gain popularity among homeowners and home buyers. Composite materials decks are made out of a combination of recycled plastics and wood fibers, and are a low-maintenance, highly flexible design material. Composite boards can be stained almost any color, can be curved to create unique deck design shapes, and are very resistant to fading, splintering, warping, and cracking. They are more expensive than a traditional wood deck though, so expect to see these decks mostly in luxury homes!

Multi-Level Decking

Gone are the days when decks were simply a flat rectangle. Mimicking the increased desire for an open floorplan inside the home, homeowners are now creating multi-level decks, with multiple living spaces arranged across the deck design. Multi-level decks create more opportunities for built-in features such as seating, lighting, or planters, which increase the functionality of your outdoor living space!

Curved Deck Design

One impressive deck design trend of 2015 is curved decks. Where traditional decks are focused on straight lines and right angles, curved deck designs incorporate sweeping curves and rounded deck areas, creating zen-like entertaining spaces with a modern twist. Most curved deck designs are built with composite materials since wood cannot bend dramatically like composite materials can. Each piece of composite material is individually heated and formed to the desired shape, and when the material cools, it retains its durability and holds its new shape.

Contrasting Colors

Uncommon colors are becoming a popular part of deck designs, with contrasting deck board and railing colors leading the pack. Professional deck designs are incorporating white railings for lighter toned decks, and black railings for darker toned decks. Gray-colored deck materials are also becoming popular – a weathered, variegated gray appearance can be visually interesting without overwhelming the rest of the deck design.

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