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There are deck posts, and then there are deck posts.

As our YouTube video demonstrates, not all posts for decking and outdoor porches are created equal.  A general rule of thumb is that if a deck is higher than 24 inches off the ground, the posts that support it should have some heft — that is, some weight or bulk that will prevent the deck from looking awkward.  A high deck on 4 x 4 posts would tend to look flimsy.  That’s why we use 6 x 6 lumber for deck posts.

The 6 x 6 construction affords some other benefits as well.  Besides the visual advantage of the sturdier post, the 6 x 6 post is more solid, lasts longer, and can support additional weight if there are future additions to the deck.

And, of course, when we select the actual 6 x 6 posts, we reject any that show signs of bowing or twisting.  A defective post at the start of a project will only worsen as time passes. To learn more, contact us.

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