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The Top 10 Best Screened Porch Designs

Are you looking to install or redesign a screened porch? If yes, we are here to tell you the top 10 musts for an amazing screened porch!

Screened porches are great to have as a component of your home design. In the past few years, screened porches have increased in popularity. Read below for the top musts to be part of your screened porch design.

Have doors.

A door placement is great for a screened porch design, especially if you know what type of door you would want to use. Make sure your door placement does not impede traffic flow from inside your house to exiting out your screened porch. We recommend using an aluminum door because wood doors sag and prevent a clean seal from occurring.

Consider every aspect of screening before installing your screened porch.

We recommend not using hand-stretched screening because aluminum can easily crease.  When aluminum creases, it can be challenging to replace because you need trim removal to replace the screen. We recommend using fiberglass screens because it is easier to work with and replace. You can use a charcoal or gray tinted screen to reduce glare and block the sun.

Consider electrical needs.

You should consider how many outlets you will need within your screened porch. Will you need a ceiling fan? What type of lighting will you decide to use for your screened porch? Many screened porch owners install wall-mounted flat screen televisions on their screened porches. If you want to do the same, contact your electrician before hand.

To learn more about the must haves of screened porch installments, read this article from Columbus-Decks.com.

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