Staining vs. sealing

Recently we advised homeowners with new wood fences to stain or seal them before winter really sets in and offered tips for applying stain.  However, not everyone knows whether they should use wood stain or sealer.  The answer depends on what the homeowner wants the fence to look like, and this page offers a good summary.

If you like the natural look of your fence, sealer is the best option for you, as it will protect your wood without changing its color.  Sealer is also useful if you plan to paint the fence after sealing it.

If you want a darker look for your fence, but don’t want to paint it, a good wood stain can give you the look you want.  Stain really shouldn’t be used along with paint because it will affect the color of the paint.

A third option is to use both stain and sealer to get a darker look and add extra protection for the wood.  However, you need to check the labels to ensure the stain and sealer you choose are compatible.  A fourth option is to contact us for advice and help getting your fence protected for the winter.

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