Spring Clean Up Tips

As spring gets closer to us each day, it is time to start thinking about cleaning up our yards for the new season. This article gives some helpful tips on how to easily prepare your landscape for the spring. Once the final piles of snow melt, and the sun starts to shine more, implement these steps to ready your yard.

The first thing you should do to ready your landscape for spring is to remove all of the sticks and branches that may have accumulated over the winter. Rake and remove any leaves that were left from the fall and winter as well. After all the debris is removed be sure to check for any holes or channels in your yard. Moles or other animals may have burrowed into the surface of your lawn. If this is the case fill in any holes or channels. (If you do detect moles, a natural remedy for them is Milky Spore. It kills the grubs in your lawn, which are moles’ food source)

After this you should spread a pre-merge weed killer over the entire surface of your lawn. This will kill any weed seeds that are left over from last season and also will prevent weeds like dandelions from popping up in the spring. A natural weed killer is called corn gluten. Be sure to read the label and get only corn gluten as this will not pollute your yard and will act lawn fertilizer too.

Next, you should spread a layer of shredded bark in your landscape beds. Be sure to sprinkle the corn gluten before you put down the shredded bark. The bark adds a fertilizer component to your beds when it decomposes. Be sure to turn or fluff your bark as time goes on to help this process.

After applying the shredded bark comes lawn edging. Use a lawn edger or a straight edged shovel to create a nice crisp line on the edge of your lawn. Finally, give your lawn a good soaking with water. This will activate the corn gluten and the milky spore.

For any other help in preparing your landscape or yard for spring, contact Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence 1-800-933-9310 or click here today!

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