Slick staining hints

A couple weeks ago, we advised homeowners with new wood fences to stain or seal them before winter sets in. For those who want to take care of this chore themselves, we offer this how-to page for advice. (Hint: there’s also advice here for staining your wood deck.)

  • Pick the right day. Choose a 48-hour window without rain and a day when it’s above 52 degrees.
  • Work from the top down so drips can only fall on unstained areas
  • Use paper bags or cardboard to cover the ground when you move lower so you don’t pick up dirt as you go.
  • Use a roller or brush for the front and back of the fence and a brush for the sides.

For those who don’t have the time or ability to do this staining themselves, that’s why we’re here. Contact us and we’ll arrange a time to come out and get the job done in time for bad weather.

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