How to Keep Insects From Ruining Your Fence


Insects are often a nuisance that can spread disease, and even do damage to your property.

While backyards are a great way to enjoy the outdoors in the warmer months, and your fence is key to your property, it’s no secret that insects and bugs can cause big problems. There is nothing worse than sitting out on a balmy summer night enjoying your yard, only to suddenly be swarmed by mosquitoes. You don’t want to put time and money into that beautiful new fence only for insects to infest it and do damage. Insects are often a nuisance that can spread disease, and even do damage to your property. If you want to protect your fence from insects, here are some smart steps you can take to achieve your goal.

Get Rid Of Standing Water


Pests, especially mosquitoes, are drawn to standing water. Make sure there is no standing water trapped in your yard when you install your fence. Also be sure to make sure that there are no accidental moats standing water can accumulate in. This can make the occasional rain a big problem. These will only attract insects to your property.  


Cut Your Grass Regularly


Unruly and wild grass makes an excellent home for all sorts of pesky insects. Bugs love to congregate in unkempt lawns, and if your fence is in the midst of an uncared for lawn it will be at higher risk for insect infestation. Mow once a week for the best possible results and never cut more than ⅓ of the grass blade. Strong grass will be able to resist insects, pests, and other critters taking hold in your yard.


Make Sure That Your Fence Is Partially Below Ground


If you want to discourage pests from being able to easily burrow beneath your fence, there is an easy way to do this. When your fence is installed, make sure that it is dug at least one foot below ground level. This will help to ensure that the potential for insects and other pests to easily bypass your fence is quashed and make entertaining a breeze.

Mid-Atlantic Fence & Deck Can Help You Protect Your Fence From Insects  

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