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How to Design a Gazebo

Are looking to create or redesign a Gazebo? If yes, we have some great design ideas for you! Read below!

A gazebo is a wonderful addition to a backyard. It can be a focal point of your backyard or it can be part of a larger landscaping scheme. Make your gazebo simple or ornate. Make your gazebo have an open floor space, be set with tables, be set with chairs, or install a swing to it. But before you decide on how to use your gazebo, review the shape and landscaping of your environment.

Shape and Landscaping

For starters, consider the number of sides you want for your gazebo. Traditionally, gazebos have six sides but you can install an eight-sided gazebo. Your gazebo can be ground level or rose slightly above ground level. You will need to install steps to reach the gazebo floor.

You will want to decide whether your gazebo will be surrounded by greenery, be out in the open, or set partway over a pond. You can build a small bridge leading to your gazebo, if you choose to have it slightly over water.  If you prefer greenery around your gazebo, use trees, rose bushes or a flower garden. You can even create an herb garden.

Consider the function of your Gazebo

You should always design a gazebo around its purpose or function. If you want a gazebo to be used to enhance a garden or backyard, you might be interested in an airy gazebo with flowery scrolling or wrought iron. If you want a gazebo that has a hot tub installed within it, you might want to use neutral colors and add more of a solid feel to your gazebo. You should have a gazebo made to house a hot tub by being a little more closed in than an average gazebo. It all depends on the amount of privacy and wind blocking you prefer.

For more information on gazebo designs and finishing touches, read this article from Ehow.com.

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