Great Holiday Gifts: Cedar Decks With Deck Safety Applied

If you want to give a friend or loved one a happy holiday, consider gifting them a cedar deck for the home. When a cedar deck is built for the home, it’s important to have it done by a professional deck builder to prevent injury and property damage.

Deck safety starts with the ledger board. It needs to provide your deck with deep, secure footing to prevent injury of occupants.

With a custom fencing and decking professional like Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence, common cedar decking problems can be easily prevented. One very common cedar decking construction problem is a poor connection from the home to the cedar deck.

With a well-built ledger board, you can guarantee a long-lasting deck.

Don’t put your love ones or friends at risk of a tragic deck collapse, just because you want to save a few bucks on holiday gifts. It’s better to get the job done right the first time around.

Too much weight on a deck can make a wood deck give way.

The Deck can fail for the following reasons:

1.The Fasteners are loose. When you hire an unprofessional decking contractor, you’re more likely to have your ledger board improperly attached to your deck.

2.The fasteners are not attached to a strong surface. This can happen when a deck builder is careless and tries to fasten the deck to fiberboard wall sheathing or some other fragile surface. To prevent this danger, the ledger should be fasten to the rim joists.

For safe and quality deck installation, hire Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence. Review a gallery of our decks here.

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