A Father’s Day Hamburger Garden: The Beginning of a Beautiful Tradition

Father’s Day is, perhaps, the most laid back holiday in existence. And do you know why this is? It’s because fathers want nothing more for their holiday than a little rest and relaxation. While this is great for them, it often makes purchasing a gift a little hard. What do you get the man who just wants to relax and throw back a few beers?

Well, have some fun with it. One great gift idea that is part humorous and part practical is a hamburger garden. Before you go clicking the back button, hear me out.

The gifts that your father will remember for years to come are those gifts that were not only thoughtful, but also unique. And what is more unique than planting your dad a garden with all his favorite hamburger garnishes – tomato, lettuce, onion, cucumber, peppers and whatever else the man likes to put on his burger. Make sure to label the garden in an amusing way – “Big Daddy’s Tomatoes” or “Papa’s Plump Peppers” or…well you get the idea. Have fun with it.

In order to complete the present, give your father a basket filled with some fully-grown versions of the vegetables you just planted. Then fire up that grill and cook up your first of many Father’s Day hamburger feasts. Only next year you can grab those veggies fresh from your Father’s Day garden.

And thus a tradition is born.

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