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4 Ways to Protect Your Wood Deck this Spring

You deck is the perfect outdoor gathering space, ensure that it looks its best year-round with these tips.

You deck is the perfect outdoor gathering space, ensure that it looks its best year-round with these tips.

Your deck is a beautiful extension of livable space on your property. Could your deck stand to benefit from a little TLC this spring? Unlike the interior floors and features within your home, your deck does not have overhead protection from outdoor elements. Without proper protection, the surface of your deck could suffer immense damage from year-round exposure to water, harmful UV rays, and excess debris.

Let’s talk about how you can protect your wood deck this spring and restore it to its natural beauty. For the best results, hire the experts at Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence to handle the maintenance for you.

Remove Surface Debris

Throughout the course of winter, blizzardous winds and other factors may have led to an accumulation of debris on your deck. The first way to protect your deck and get it ready for enjoyment this spring is to remove any dirt, leaves, branches, plastics, foreign objects, animal droppings, and other debris from the surface of your deck.

Assess Your Wood Deck for Damage

Once you have swept away debris from the surface of your wood deck, it will be easier to identify areas that may be in need of extra protection. Assess your deck for potential damages including soft spots in the foundation, gaps between boards, warping, cracking, splitting, discoloration, stains, and mold growth. To learn how to remove mold from your wood deck, click here.

Power Wash Your Deck

Pressure cleaning is a highly effective method for targeting the small spaces between your deck slats and washing away layers of grime. When manual cleaning methods fail, pressure washers can effectively remove stubborn debris and restore the appearance of your wood. Once the deck dries, it should be resealed or stained for ultimate protection.

Seal and Stain Your Deck

Splash a few drops of water onto your deck. What happens? If the water drops bead up on the surface of the wood, your current sealant or wood stain is doing its job. If your wood quickly absorbs the water drops, your wood could be at risk for damage. To provide your deck with ultimate protection from the elements, you should use apply a high quality sealer or wood stain that is specific to the species of lumber used in your deck construction.

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