3 Great Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Wood Fence

If you are looking to get the most out your current or soon to be newly installed wood fence, then you need to learn maintenance tips that will help you extend the life of your wood fence. Read now to learn all about these essential tips.

Wood fences come in two basic types – the natural look that comes in three or four rails set between posts or the privacy fencing that keeps pets and children within the safety of your property while keep prying eyes out of your property.

These fences are usually made out of pressure treated wood so they can withstand rot and insect damage. With this pressure treatment, the average wooden fence can last 20 years or more. Whether it last that long will all depend on good maintenance.

When a wood fence is first installed it should be left alone to dry and weather before staining is completed. Once your fence has been up for a week weeks, you should inspect it for loose boards, dirt buildup and mold.

Here are just a few ways to properly maintenance your wood fence:

Pressure Wash Your Fence

Your fence should occasionally be pressure washed because a professional pressure washer will use special treatment products to remove any mold and dirt that will accumulate on your wood fence.

When Problems Arise Always Repair

When you see something damaged on your fence, always do your best to replace it immediately. This includes both wood and fasteners. Your fence should always be secure in the ground and posts should be firm in your soil. For example, with three-rail fencing, you can make your fence more stable by wrapping the outside of it with tall wire fencing material. You can purchase this from garden centers.

Stain Your Fence After Cleaning

After you clean your wood fence, let it dry for a week and then reapply your stain. The stain will seep into the top layer of your wood fence. You can apply the stain to your fence with a brush or a power sprayer.

Last but not least, always take time to lubricate your fence door locks and hinges when they are not properly working.

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