3 Ways to Create Privacy on Deck

3 Ways to Create Privacy on Deck

If privacy is your concern when spending time on deck, check out these potential solutions!

Whether it’s spring, summer, or fall, it’s great to spend time outdoors in Maryland. As many people are enjoying time at home, what better way to be outdoors than on your deck? Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence, located in Gambrills, MD, provides high-quality decks, fences, screened porches, and other outdoor features all over the area. Even so, some decks may be more exposed to the neighbor’s yard than others. If privacy is your concern, here are three ways to make privacy on deck. 

Wall of Plants

Plants liven up a space, and the deck is no exception. There are a variety of ways to create a wall of plants. One is to install a lattice and train vines like honeysuckle, morning glory, or jasmine on it. Another method is to line one side of the deck with tall decorative pots and grow grasses, evergreens, or another type of privacy plant in them. Some people buy or construct tall fixtures that can hold rows of smaller plants within them or hang multiple flower pots. The choices when it comes to creating a wall of plants are endless.

Lattice or Privacy Screen

As mentioned before, a lattice is a practical solution for creating privacy on deck. One can easily install it or set it up at one end of the deck, either on its own or a structure for plants to climb. However, a lattice is only one type of privacy screen, and the designs here are limitless as well. These can be homemade, custom made, bought at the local home improvement store, or purchased online. As an alternative to metal or wooden screens, an outdoor curtain works as well, especially if you have a pergola on one end of the deck.

Screened Room or Gazebo

Speaking of pergolas, another solution to create privacy is to add a screened porch or screened gazebo onto the deck. A screened outdoor feature won’t provide total blockage, but it does give the benefits of a separate outdoor space without the harshness of the sun’s rays, rain, or bugs to bother you. If a pergola, screened porch, or gazebo sounds like an attractive addition for your deck, call Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence! 

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