Deck Drainage Solutions

drain1With the ever increasing need to expand your outdoor living space, you can now double it with some of the deck drainage solutions on the market today. Most elevated deck designs look great from above but what happens to all that wasted space underneath, now we have the solution. Keep the underneath side of your deck dry and turn it into extra patio space or use it for additional storage. These deck drainage systems provide a nice clean look to the underneath side of your deck. Now you can add ceiling fans, recessed lighting and other options that can enhance your outdoor environment. The water is diverted from the upper level deck and drops into a gutter system that carries the water away from your home.

drain2It also gives us the opportunity to make the under side of your deck pleasing to the eye. There are many material options that are available to finish the underneath side of your deck and make it look like a ceiling. Some of the options we use to close the ceiling in are cedar tongue and groove, azek bead board or if you want to keep the costs down you can use triple three vinyl soffit material. I would strongly this option if you building a elevated deck.

We can also retro fit existing decks with this system. If you have an existing deck and would like to expand your living space than we have the solution. It’s Great!!!!!!

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