The Benefits of Western Red Cedar

Most consumers in our area are familiar with pressure treated southern yellow pine as the only option for building materials when it comes to outdoor projects. The reason for this is because it is more readily available based on the geographic region we are in, and generally speaking cedar is much more expensive than pressure treated pine. However Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence takes advantage of our buying power to purchase truck load quantities of cedar pickets and backer rails and pass the savings on to our customers. And in some cases can save you money and warrants a better project. By using pressure treated posts, cedar backer rails and cedar pickets you have eliminated approximately 90% of the chemically treated material on your property and have made a safer environment for your family and friends. Listed Below are some basic benefits when you choose Western Red Cedar.

  1. Western red cedar is a natural wood product; it is not chemically treated with environmentally unfriendly chemicals to help it resist rot and termite infestation. Cedar has a natural resistance; that Mother Nature provided to resist rot and termite infestation.
  2. Western red cedar is dimensionally stable because it is not a sap wood unlike pressure treated pine material.
  3. Western red cedar is resistant to warping, cracking, checking, twisting and splitting unlike pressure treated pine.
  4. Western red cedar is also used for siding, shingles and shakes on the exterior of finer homes because of its ability to resist rot and termite infestation and is also very dimensionally stable.
  5. Accepts a stain or paint very well because it has not been chemically treated.
  6. Western Red Cedar is great choice for fencing, especially if you are considering planting a garden against your new fence. Because it is all natural and you don’t have to worry about the chemicals in pressure treated pine leaching into the soil and then in to your vegetables that you worked so hard to grow.

In Closing; as a business owner I have had the pleasure to install many fences on the properties that I have personally owned and cedar was always my 1st choice when it came to making material decisions. By no means am I trying to talk down pressure treated pine. We are just trying to offer you more choices to help you make educated decisions as to what material best suits your needs, compliments you home, and fits your budget. For more information on western red cedar you can visit the following web sites. or hope this helps.

Bruce Beauchamp